Wayne Dalton 7100 Series

The Wayne Dalton 7100 models combine the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors. The 7100 models feature authentic stile and rail construction on a hemlock frame. This model’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for quality features found in our top-of-the-line doors.


Panels Designs*

Door Panels are not primed. Models 7100 – 7104 come with a paint grade finish that can be painted to match your home for an exact custom look. Model 7105 comes with a hemlock raised panel surface that can be stained or painted and offers an option to upgrade to Western Red Cedar. NOTE: Model 7101 is not available in all areas.



Models 7101 through 7104 offer paint grade plywood surfaces while the 7105 offers a hemlock raised panel surface that can be stained or painted. The 7105 also offers an option to upgrade to Western Red Cedar.


wood-material-hemlock  wood-material-plywood  wood-type-western-red-cedar

Hemlock                 Plywood                    Western Red Cedar



garage-door-window-8arch  garage-door-window-8square

6 Arch                                                     6 Square   

 garage-door-window-8arch  garage-door-window-8square

8 Arch                                                       8 Square

garage-door-window-12arch  garage-door-window-12square

12 Arch                                              12 Square

garage-door-window-16arch  garage-door-window-16square

16 Arch                                                 16 Square



Every piece of our garage door hardware is made from black powder coated steel with a hand-hammered look. Additional accent pieces are available to match or complement each collection.




Wayne Dalton offers a Limited Warranty on this garage door. Please reference the warranty document for details.


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*Panel and Hardware designs available in brochure




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