Wayne Dalton 100 Series

Wood garage doors provide a first impression that lasts, and a Colonial wood panel door gives your home a quality appearance that endures year after year. Designed for easy operation and strongly built, colonial doors make beauty and convenience surprisingly affordable. These wood garage doors provide the authentic styling and rich appearance that have made quality wood doors so popular for years. Beautifully designed for strength and durability, these models will give your home a quality appearance that lasts year after year.

105 & 106: Standard-duty Hemlock rails and stiles.
110 & 116 : Heavy-duty Hemlock rails and stiles.


Panels Designs:

Single Car Garage Door Panels

door-panel-100-4x2-1car  door-panel-100-4x4-1car

4-2                                  4-4


Double Garage Door Panels

door-panel-100-4x4-2car  door-panel-100-4x8-2car

4-4                                                                     4-8



Available in your choice of smooth hardboard and smooth plywood and ready to prime and paint or stain.

wood-type-40-smooth-headboard1  wood-smooth-plywood

Smooth Hardwood     Smooth Plywood



Molded designs with plastic inserts may not fit all panel sizes. Consult your Wayne Dalton dealer for availability.

garage-door-window-plain-short-panel-for-wood garage-door-window-plain-long-panel-for-wood garage-door-window-cathedral-for-wood garage-door-window-stockton-for-wood garage-door-window-sunray-for-wood

Plain Short Panel           Plain Long Panel                Cathedral                     Stocktorn*                    Sunray

* Other Stockton windows are available. Consult your dealer for details.




Wayne Dalton offers a Limited Warranty on this garage door. Please reference the warranty document for details.


Download a Brochure:

105-110-wood  106-116-wood


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