WalkThru Commercial Garage Doors

The WalkThru Garage Door has so many useful benefits and features for the work place or the home. More and more, workplaces are in fact the home garage and the WalkThru Garage Door solves many privacy and pedestrian traffic issues.


A wide variety of WalkThru Garage Doors suitable for a multitude of commercial applications.

Convenient and secure point of entry into any garage or shop space

Prevents having to open the entire garage door when doing small jobs

Commercial grade hardware

Frame made of painted heavy aluminum extrusions

Swings to the exterior

Swings from left or right

Secured by deadbolt

No cables, latches or levers to engage

Extension or torsion springs

Standard, vertical or highlift hardware

Integral bottom and top weatherseal retainer with a built-in truss to maintain the structural integrity of the panels

Standard Colors:

Premium Colors:

*Custom orders are also available

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