Garaga Triforce

Using polystyrene insulation, the Triforce garage door is unique in its category. It is a more affordable solution for maintaining the comfort of a heated garage. Made with steel walls inside and out, it is constructed with top-quality joints and wood end blocks that provide an insulation factor of R-10.

With a choice of 6 colors, the Triforce is sure to coordinate with your house because it comes in many models such as the traditional ones (Classic, XL and MIX), Flush and Carriage House.



Incorporating the benefits of Garaga engineering, the overall energy efficiency of the Triforce brings the category of polystyrene-insulated doors to a level that exceeds industry standards. Without sacrificing choice, durability or beauty, this garage door is a more affordable solution for maintaining all the comfort of a heated garage.

2″-thick galvanized steel door.
Polystyrene insulation with an insulation value of R-10.
Baked on polyester paint coating.



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