Garaga H-Tech

Made in aluminum, the H-Tech is both a light garage door and resistant to corrosion. It sports a rustic woodgrain finish and comes in a choice of 6 modern colors.

Are you planning to buy a double garage door wider than 14 feet? Then consider the purchase of an H-Tech because being lightweight, it will help the opening mechanism last longer and save you on maintenance costs.



The H-Tech door is lightweight, extremely energy efficient and lends itself to the style of most home. The timeless design of this rustproof aluminum garage door boasts a rustic textured wood grain, and is available in 6 colors.

It is a classic style that is sure to enhance the look of any home for years to come.


1 3/4″-thick aluminum door.
Polyurethane-injected insulation provides R-16 thermal resistance.
Baked on polyester paint coating.



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