Clopay Intellicore Insulated Doors 3700 Series

Climate control, reliability, durability– our premier, thermally broken, polyurethane insulated steel garage doors have it all, providing excellent temperature control, energy efficiency and long-lasting service for a wide range of applications, such as firehouses, warehouses, and municipal buildings.


Intellicore doors come with a variety of options to address your building requirements. Options below are not available on all models. See model specific literature or consult a Clopay commercial dealer for option availability.


  • Windows
  • 24″x8″
  • 24″x12″
  • Full View (pre-painted white or brown or clear anodized)
  • Black frame Window with Rounded Corners



  • White – All Models
  • Brown – All Models
  • Black – 3724
  • Tan – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3724
  • Gray – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3724
  • ColorBlast – All models



  • High Cycle Springs (25K, 50K and 100K available)
  • 3″ heavy duty track (where not standard)
  • Outside keyed Security Lock
  • Double End Stiles
  • Design pressure rated (WindCode)
  • Impact Rated
  • Photo eyes, sensing edges and Operators
  • Sustainable Door Upgrade
  • Header (top) and Jamb Seals



  • Mullions
  • Breakaway Sections
  • Pass Door


Download a PDF Brochure:

3715-1  3717-3718-1  3720-1

3722-1  3724-1  3730-1



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